How to Win Unemployment Insurance Claims

Presenter: Michelle R. Magruder

This presentation covered the “best employment practices” a dealership needs to follow in order to prevail on an unemployment claim filed by a former employee.  This presentation discussed what to expect during an unemployment hearing and how to prepare for a hearing.  We covered the basics of the Colorado statutes which govern unemployment benefits, including all the reasons a former employee can be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits.  While attending this presentation, attendees learned the basics of the Colorado unemployment benefit laws and the required processes of the law.  This presentation provided useful tools for winning an unemployment claim which will protect the dealership from unjustified claims.

Colorado Court of Appeals Decision allows termination of employees for marijuana use.

On April 25, 2013, the Colorado Court of Appeals issued an Order which held that an employee who tests positive for using marijuana (including medical marijuana) can be terminated by his or her employer pursuant to the employer’s written drug and alcohol policy.  We provided information on what should be included in an employer’s written drug and alcohol policy and under what circumstances an employer can require a drug/alcohol test of an employee.  The importance of proper documentation concerning the termination of an employee who tests positive for drugs/alcohol was also discussed.

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