We provide general business representation to U.S. firms with international operations and foreign companies controlled from abroad with respect to their U.S. operations.

Through our membership in Meritas, we have access to 250 member firms in more than 100 countries for clients that require professional services internationally.

Our representation includes the following:

Export Compliance. We advise companies on U.S. export compliance for goods and services regulated by the U.S. Department of Commerce. We assist companies in obtaining a proper Export Commodity Control Number (ECCN), licenses, customs clearance and appropriate export certificates. We also assist in establishing corporate export management systems.

Munitions List Exports. We counsel companies that export goods and services regulated by the U.S. Department of State and are subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). We work with commodity jurisdictions, industry briefings with the Department of State and Department of Defense, DSP-5 and other licenses, Technical Assistance Agreements (TAA) and Manufacturing License Agreements (MLA).

International Entities. We help companies controlled from abroad with respect to their U.S. operations and with sensitivity to the difficulties of forming a new business venture in the United States, including negotiations of joint ventures, licensing agreements and the foreign acquisition of technology-based operations. We work with parent companies and subsidiaries to minimize difficulties in the flow of goods, personnel and services. We also represent international creditors and investors in bankruptcy proceedings throughout the United States.

International Agency Agreements and International Distributor Agreements. We advise companies in establishing foreign agency agreements and foreign distribution agreements for goods, services and software focusing on performance and termination provisions.

Foreign Direct Investment. We help U.S. and international companies establish foreign branch offices and foreign subsidiaries with an emphasis on entity formation, intellectual property protection and technology transfers.

International Arbitration. We assist companies in drafting international arbitration agreements with an emphasis on place of arbitration, ad hoc arbitration, managed arbitration issues and enforcement of arbitral awards.

International Joint Venture Agreements. We advise companies establishing U.S. and foreign joint ventures with an emphasis on capitalization, control and ownership of work products after the expiration of the joint venture arrangement.

Compliance Programs. We counsel clients on establishing and operating Anti-Boycott Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Patriot Act and tax compliance programs to minimize liability.