Our clients compete in a global marketplace and export a variety of goods and services, including those related to software, technology, aviation, missile technology, encryption software and satellites. We work with our clients to develop export strategies that maximize the range of goods and services that can be exported with minimal export compliance.

In many instances, we work with clients to submit commodity jurisdiction requests to the Department of State in order to obtain less restrictive export jurisdiction or to remove jurisdiction from the Department of State to the Department of Commerce. We work with our clients to develop civilian versions of goods and services that could be used for both civilian and military purposes. This is especially important with aviation, missile technology and satellite technology. In addition, many clients produce encryption software and GPS software that, if properly developed, can be exported to both civilian and military users.

Some of the areas in which we work with our export clients involve the following:

  • EAR regulations
  • Export administration regulations
  • ITAR (international traffic in arms regulations)
  • Commodity jurisdiction
  • Export management systems
  • DSP-5
  • DSP-73