Development on Public Lands

Fairfield and Woods attorneys serve large and small businesses and individuals in matters relating to their activities on federal and state public lands, providing advice and counsel, and representing clients in permitting, environmental compliance efforts, administrative proceedings and appeals, and litigation and other dispute resolution proceedings.

  • Mining, Oil and Gas. We assist clients in acquiring mineral development rights on public lands, including perfecting and maintaining claims located under the 1872 Mining Law and the leasing of other minerals, geothermal resources, and oil and gas under the Mineral Leasing Act. We represent oil and gas developers with drilling, rights-of-way, pipeline and transmission projects on public lands.
  • Wind and Solar. We help wind and solar companies with right-of way and special use permits for development and transmission of wind and solar power on BLM and Forest Service land under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act. We assist with siting issues and compliance with laws protecting water, air, wildlife and cultural resources and the National Environmental Policy Act.
  • Timber and Grazing. Our attorneys have represented timber companies with permitting and land use issues on federal lands, and have worked with ranchers on grazing permits and access issues on BLM and Forest Service lands.
  • Water. Fairfield and Woods attorneys have worked with water right owners regarding easements for the permitting of water diversion, storage and conveyance structures on Department of the Interior- and Forest Service-managed lands.

Our attorneys regularly teach, write and speak publicly on issues associated with development on the public lands.