Downhill Skier

Former Owners of Copper Mountain Resort

The former owners of Copper Mountain Resort had a dream of developing the Copper Mountain ski resort into a world-class destination resort. When they merged their company with Intrawest in 1996 to help fulfill this dream, Intrawest agreed to pay them a percentage of any future sales of development property at the resort. To ensure that the property was developed as planned and not simply sold as “raw” land, our clients were given the right to object to the sale of any undeveloped property at the resort. Intrawest lived up to its end of the deal for more than 13 years, until it decided to sell the resort to a third party. Suddenly, Intrawest claimed that the deal it made in 1996 was unenforceable. Fairfield and Woods was hired to enforce the contract, and in November 2011, a jury awarded the former owners $7.9 million on their breach of contract claim.