Sample Return to Work Policy

  1. Do not take public transportation; please plan with management for on-site or nearby parking.
  2. Wear gloves and mask when entering the building.
  3. Do not get on crowded elevators. If possible, ride the elevator alone or with no more than 3 other people.
  4. Do not prepare or consumes food in the lunchroom. 
  5. Do not read or congregate in the lunchroom, client lounge, conference rooms, or the mailroom.
  6. Do not visit with others in small offices. Practice social distancing when using a large conference rooms. 
  7. Conduct meetings by Zoom or similar media, not in person. 
  8. Request supplies, copies, and mail be delivered to your workstation or office. Avoid or limit time in the mailroom.
  9. Access cards may be required for entry into the building. 
  10. If you are showing signs of a cold, do not return to work. If you do return you will be sent home.
  11. If you think you may need an accommodation in order to perform your duties because of a vulnerability associated with the Coronavirus, please inform the HR Department. The company will make reasonable accommodations unless they constitute a hardship. 
  12. Employees will need to self-quarantine for 14 days if they travel by air.