For employees that need to or wish to continue working from home, here are suggested guidelines for equipment and space.

Dedicated Work Space
Having a dedicated workspace can help increase productivity and reduce distractions. It provides a measure of privacy, and sets up a delineation of work and home balance so that you can disconnect at the end of the day.
A dedicated workspace should include a desk or work area, an appropriate desk chair and sufficient lighting.

For a computer, the minimum suggested hardware includes:

  • Laptop –Intel i5 processor or better
    • 1920 x 1080 screen
    • 8GB RAM
    • 256 GB SSD storage
    • 3 USB ports (or an external port extender accessory)
    • 8 Hours of battery life
    • Windows 10 / MS Office / Antivirus Software
    • Integrated camera
  • Extra power cord
  • Color printer/scanner combo (and ink!)
  • Wired headset with mic (a wireless headset/airpods will also work, but can be less effective if the connection is not reliable)

High-speed internet and wifi. (30 Mbps download speed and 8-10 Mbps Upload minimum). A wifi extender can be helpful if your dedicated workspace is not close to your router.