FW Attorney Quoted in "Screening Out Potential Violence in Workplace is a Challenge"

August 29, 2015

By: Colin A. Walker

FW Attorney Colin A. Walker was quoted in the Denver Post article, "Screening Out Potential Violence in Workplace is a Challenge."

In the days since a man killed two former colleagues from a Virginia television station on a live broadcast, the question has been raised: How much did WDBJ-TV know about Vester Flanagan's past work history before he was hired? The answer: not much. Many companies will not provide much information. "The reason is they can be sued for defamation," said Colin Walker, a director at Fairfield and Woods and board member of the Mile High Society for Human Resource Management. "A lot of employers are taking the position that we're not going to comment on any former employees other than the position held, the dates of employment and sometimes the pay they received."