FW Employment Attorney Colin Walker Interviewed on Alternatives to Traditional Employee Reviews

March 8, 2012

By: Colin A. Walker

Denver Business Journal

Colin Walker, an FW attorney who focuses on employment law, was interviewed for this article.

"Managers need to stick to the facts. They need to be clear and provide examples, because when things become subjective, that can result in an unfair situation," Walker said. Employees can misconstrue subjective terms in a review and often bring up performance appraisals in court, using the manager's subjective terms as evidence of why the employee was fired. Walker said the best thing for managers to do is to give as much detail as possible and provide specific examples about employee behavior.

Walker also stressed it is important for managers to be honest and truthful during their reviews: "The biggest pitfall that I see are managers who are not honest in the appraisal about the employee's performance."

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