Gil Selinger contributes to white paper - Global Cannabis Industry: The Essential Primer published by Meritas

October 8, 2019

As more countries legalize or decriminalize the cultivation, manufacture, sale, and use of cannabis, companies across a variety of industries are looking for opportunities to capitalize on this emerging market. But the global legal landscape is confusing and constantly evolving, making it essential for people and businesses around the world to secure strong legal representation.

This white paper published by Meritas, which quotes Gil Selinger, offers a primer to the complex and confusing global cannabis industry as it stands today. It is not meant as legal advice, but simply an introduction to some key issues to consider if you are planning to enter the cannabis industry or expand your business into other regions. It should be noted that this is a fast-changing market segment, and the paper represents only a snapshot of one moment in time.

Read the full white paper here