Managing Director, Bruce A. Fowler is Featured in Law Week Colorado's Article on Digital Assets

June 28, 2017

Bruce A. Fowler is featured in Law Week Colorado’s June 12th edition in the article “Modern Digital Assets”.  The article explores the digital properties nearly all of us have and the need to consider them in personal and estate planning.  Think Facebook, Google, online gaming and other platforms where nearly everyone has at least one if not several instances of presence and persona.  Estate planning is no longer a matter confined to the areas of finances, investments, trusts and succession planning.  In our world of increasingly on-the-go technology, perhaps surprisingly, there is much to be considered online, and often it is the estate planning attorney who needs to bring digital assets into the planning conversation.  Will the person named as executor of your estate necessarily be the person you would want to access and deal with your online presence?  If you became incapacitated, should someone be named to maintain your online presence?  And most importantly, what laws and regulations can present roadblocks to heirs or executors if digital assets are not addressed in estate planning?

Bruce Fowler is managing partner of Fairfield & Woods, P.C. and serves as chairman of the firm’s Wealth and Succession Planning department.

The full article can be accessed here:

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