Americans face a changing landscape, with a complex array of laws and regulations affecting nearly every aspect of the energy industry, from financing and permitting to information security and environmental controls. 

We have the tools necessary to help our clients face this new legal and regulatory environment. Our clients include municipal electric utilities, renewable energy providers, and associated service providers and suppliers. Our firm has served as the outside general counsel to the Colorado Association of Municipal Utilities and the Arkansas River Power Authority. We have also been involved in several large-scale utilities construction projects, including the Fry-Ark water conduit and Aurora's Prairie Waters project.

We are often called upon to find creative solutions to unique issues. The following are just some examples of the projects successfully undertaken and completed by our firm’s Energy and Utilities practice group:

  • Defense of environmental claims under the federal Clean Air Act
  • Permitting of electric generation facilities
  • Acquisition and implementation of smart grid and electronic bill payment systems
  • Legal strategies for new generation, transmission, and distribution
  • Administrative proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission and other regulatory agencies
  • Venture capital and other corporate work for startup cleantech companies
  • Financing clean and renewable energy projects
  • Challenging proposed legislation affecting the energy and utilities industries
  • Planning, permitting and construction of water supply conduits
  • Representation of electric utilities in transmission planning
  • Negotiation of Intergovernmental agreements for utility projects
  • Negotiation of power supply agreements
  • Litigation of service territory disputes

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