Our corporate lawyers pride themselves on giving reliable advice and counsel to entrepreneurs and closely held businesses. We partner with our clients at every phase of the business life cycle, including business entity formation, liability protection, and financing, as well as exit strategies. We are proud that we have helped to form numerous business ventures that have grown to be strong members of the business community of this region and long-term clients.

Business Entity Formation. We assist in selecting the appropriate entity to address the immediate needs of the company, facilitating further growth, implementing appropriate tax strategies, and protecting from possible liability. Thorough advance planning and taking into account all of the client’s needs and aspirations provide the foundation for long-term business success.

Liability Protection. We assist our clients with advice and business planning by delivering useful and practical strategies to minimize liability on both an overall company basis and a transactional basis. Liability protection through registration and safeguarding of intellectual property, employment agreements and incentives, as well as nondisclosure agreements are typical of the careful planning involved in fully protecting your business.

Financing. We provide legal advice to businesses in all phases of business growth and development with respect to the legal and structural aspects when one seeks to raise capital. We advise with respect to the relationships among various types of equity, debt, and contract capital. We have significant experience in complex, multi-party joint ventures, global strategic alliances, asset-based securities, and other pooled risk vehicles, consolidations, and roll-ups. We handle the legal work to enable our clients to raise needed capital.

Exit Strategies. We have significant experience crafting and assisting our clients in executing the appropriate exit strategies for their businesses. Whether it be selling to a buyer through a stock purchase or finding a business that wants to acquire your business via an asset purchase, we have the experience necessary to navigate this often complex area. We have a solid commitment to continuing our support of new businesses and the entrepreneurs who form them. Our experience in the related practice areas of business and corporate law, securities and finance, taxation, intellectual property, technology, emerging growth, and e-commerce is complementary to and supportive of our work for entrepreneurs and closely held businesses.

Family Business Succession Planning. We assist with succession planning for family-owned and other closely held businesses, farms, ranches, and similar investments, seeking creative solutions to accomplish an efficient succession. Our broad experience allows us to provide integrated and comprehensive planning in the areas of business, corporate, and taxation law.

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